10 Ideas To Make Your Holi Party Great Fun

10 Ideas To Make Your Holi Party Great Fun

We all know that Holi is a festival of colors, and therefore, we need to celebrate it in a grand fashion. Below, we have mentioned 10 ideas to make your Holi party great fun.

1. Start by choosing a venue

The initial step to organizing a Holi celebration will be to select a proper location. It’ll be a sensible idea to celebrate this festival in a spacious outdoor area like your backyard or patio.

2. Select a dress code

The default color code for the Holi festival happens to be white. Therefore, make sure to request the guests to accent their white shades with the most vibrant ethnic pieces out there.

3. The appropriate music intended for Holi

It will not be a nice idea to celebrate this festival without the appropriate music that is special for Holi. Make sure to play your favorite numbers in a full blast so that everybody will be able to hear them from a distance. Also, do not forget to play dhol beats at regular intervals to spice up things in the best possible way.

4. Update your furniture if required

Do not hesitate to replace any piece of furniture before the party if required. This is the best time to get started. For example, you can go for an update of the kitchen cabinet. Also, it will be advisable to provide a fresh coating of paint on the walls if needed.

5. Rearrange the furniture for the Holi party

In case you want to arrange for a dance floor for the time being, make sure to get rid of some furniture. Your guests will dance to the tune of the music, and therefore, make it a point to push out some furniture pieces such as coffee tables to the corner of the room.

6. The beverages

There is no significance in celebrating Holi without the customary Bhaang. Apart from this, it will also be a sensible idea to include some other intriguing cocktails plus juices for satisfying the guests who will attend the party.

7. Make arrangements for some scrumptious food items

Make arrangements for some lip-smacking food items such as biriyanis, Samosas, burfis, and gulab jamuns which we usually use for celebrating any festival in India. There is no doubt that your invitees will simply love these delicacies.

8. Refresh with some fresh flowers

Nothing would be better than hanging some fresh flowers at the entrance of your residence along with a flower carpet. Also, place some greenery within containers inside your house as well.

9. Gifts

Make your guests happy by presenting them with some astounding gifts intended for this festival in particular. For instance, you can present them with a hamper of chocolates, sweets, gujiya, as well as T-shirts with special messages for Holi.

10. The amusement activities

Always keep your guests amused during this festival by organizing some entertaining activities. For example, you can go for colorful tattoos, rain-dance, dandiya-dance, and so forth to spice up the occasion.

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