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15 Do You Know Facts About Science

15 Do You Know Facts About Science

Every day we hear something related to science. In fact, science has the ability to improve our quality of life and knowledge significantly. Here, we have mentioned some facts regarding science that should catch your interest.

1. Approximately half of the total oxygen on the planet is produced by the ocean

It might appear to us that the majority of the oxygen is produced by the rainforests. However, it is a fact that approximately half of the total oxygen on the planet is produced by seaweed, plankton, as well as other ocean-based photosynthesis.

2. Our planet has got more trees compared to the number of stars in the solar system

It has been found by NASA that there are as many as 400 billion stars in the solar system at present. However, the total number of trees on the planet is in excess of 3 trillion.

3. The Eiffel Tower develops during the summer

There is more movement of particles during summer when everything becomes hot and it takes up a bigger volume. Although this effect is more significant in gases, it can also impact solids and liquids. For this reason, we have seen bridges constructed with expansion points.

4. Light takes approximately eight minutes to travel to Earth from the Sun

It is a fact that light can travel 300,000 kilometers every second. The distance between the sun and the earth is 150 million kilometers, and therefore light consumes approximately eight minutes to travel.

5. Our planet happens to be a magnet

Our planet’s internal core happens to be made of solid iron. This iron produces electricity thanks to the variation in temperature as well as density currents. It creates a magnetic field besides the spin of the earth which can be used for compass needles across the globe.

6. Infrared cameras will not have any effect on polar bears

It is a fact that polar bears have the ability to conserve heat. They come with several levels for helping them to remain comfortable when it is quite chilly out there.

7. Venus spins in the clockwise direction

In case we view from the top, it appears that the majority of the planets are spinning anticlockwise. However, the only exceptions are Venus which spins clockwise and Uranus spinning on its side.

8. The number of bones in babies is more as compared to adults

Infants have approximately 300 bones while they are born. On the other hand, the majority of adults have approximately 206 bones within their system.

9. It is possible for water to boil and freeze simultaneously

Triple point is existent in science. It can happen when the pressure and temperature are appropriate for three phases of the particular substance for coexisting in thermodynamic equilibrium.

10. The weight of cloud can be approximately 1 million pounds

It is a fact that the weight of the average cumulus cloud can be approximately 1 million pounds. This can be as heavy as the largest jet on the planet which is packed with passengers and cargo.

11. Rats laugh in case you tickle them

When tickled, rats are capable of laughing. It has been demonstrated by a particular video published by National Geographic that rats respond to tickling positively.

12. There is no reason to worry since humans have plenty of DNA

Scientists are of the notion that there are in excess of 3 billion DNA base pairs in human genes and in excess of 25,000 genes in the human genome.

13. Solar flares are extremely powerful

Solar flares release energy equivalent to numerous atomic bombs exploding simultaneously. Fortunately, we are safeguarded from radiation by the earth’s atmosphere.

14. Approximately 50% of our system is bacteria

It has been estimated by experts that there are approximately 40 trillion bacteria as well as 30 trillion human cells within our system. The ratio is approximately 1:1.3.

15. In the US the number of tornadoes is the highest

More tornadoes are experienced by the US compared to any other nation on the planet. In fact, one particular area within the US is referred to as Tornado Valley.

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