5 usefull whatsapp tricks and tips everybody should know

WhatsApp is considered to be amongst the most well-known communication tools on the planet and it is also quite simple to use this app, even for any beginner out there. The good thing is that you will come across some tidy features tucked within the Settings menu. You will be able to improve your overall experience while using this app in the long run. Here, we have mentioned the top 5 Whatsapp tricks & tips for you to know.

Transfer files to and from a personal computer is a useful whatsapp tricks and tips

The most notable thing regarding WhatsApp Web happens to be the fact that it will be possible for you to receive on your computer whatever you are receiving on your smartphone by means of WhatsApp. In this way, it turns out to be a fantastic tool for transferring screenshots or images to your computer from your smartphone without using any cables whatsoever. You simply need to dispatch the image to any friend of yours on your smartphone, log on to your personal computer, and open the WhatsApp Web app for retrieving the image file.

Comprehend when the message has been read

It is already known to you that grey ticks will indicate that your message is delivered already and blue ticks will imply that your friend or known person has read the message. However, WhatsApp will provide you with an option that shows you the precise timestamp of the time of the delivery of the message and when it is read. In case you like to view the Message Info screen and verify the details of the sent message, you need to open a particular chat, tap any sent message and hold it, and following this, tap the info button on top. This is definitely one of the most notable Whatsapp tricks & tips that you ought to know right now.

Mark any message as a favorite

An innovative search feature is offered by Whatsapp to search for messages easily; however, it will be a better idea to mark an important message as favorite so that you will be able to get to them quickly when needed. For doing this, simply long press on any particular message and tap the star icon above the screen of the app in the action bar.

Whatsapp tricks & tips: Configure privacy options

You will be able to see where you had been on this app by the Last Seen feature. In case you do not like to enable this, you may change the settings by going to Options > Settings > Account > Privacy. Following this, choose your option whether you like to show your status and profile picture to Everyone, Nobody, or My Contacts.

Reduce the usage of mobile data

While discussing the top 5 Whatsapp tricks & tips, this one deserves special mention as well. In spite of being fantastic features, the voice and video calls of Whatsapp consume plenty of bandwidth. In case you like to save on mobile data usage, it will be a good idea to go to Settings > Data usage > Call settings > check Low data usage.


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