Bengal CM Inaugurates Conch Shell -Shaped Dhanadhanyo Auditorium In South Kolkata

Bengal CM Inaugurates Conch Shell -Shaped Dhanadhanyo Auditorium In South Kolkata

The chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, inaugurated a top-quality indoor facility on Thursday which is known as Dhanadhanyo Auditorium in Alipore in Kolkata. The government has spent as much as Rs 440 crore for building this conch shell-shaped building mentioned here. Ms Banerjee mentioned this fact in a tweet that she had posted on her official account. Apart from this, the post likewise consists of some outstanding photographs of this structure that a drone has captured for sure.

It is a gift for the city

It depicts the remarkable conch-shaped structure in the daytime as well as at nighttime. The government of West Bengal has asserted that this particular building happens to be a gift for Kolkata before the Bengali New Year’s Day (Poila Baisakh) on 15 April.

Ms Banerjee, in her tweet, has depicted “sincere appreciation” to the public works department of the state of West Bengal for converting this dream project into a reality. She added that this contemporary asset can be considered to be a symbol of the development and progress of West Bengal right now.

The state government has declared that this building is 510 feet long and 210 feet wide and there are six floors as well. There are two halls in this auditorium – one with a larger capacity for sitting intended for 2,000 individuals, while the other will be able to accommodate as many as 540 individuals. Besides this, the auditorium will likewise consist of a food court, a banquet, as well as a space for parking hundreds of vehicles.

Construction of the project delayed

The work for constructing this amazing auditorium started in the month of December 2017. Even though the plan was to complete it within a span of 40 months, it was the onset of the pandemic situation that delayed this construction project.

The chief minister has tweeted that it is a proud moment for West Bengal after inaugurating the auditorium, which happens to be a top-notch indoor facility constructed after spending Rs 440 crore. It was the chief minister who gave the name Dhanadhanyo Auditorium to this magnificent structure when laying the foundation stone for this project.

The Conch Shell or Shankh holds lots of importance when it comes to the culture of the country and it symbolizes purity, auspiciousness, and brilliance. The chief minister further added in her speech at the inauguration event that she thought of this astounding conch shell design since we all consider conch shells to be suspicious or “mangal” for all of us.

The astounding facilities available

The most notable thing is that this building features an amazing street theater facility capable of accommodating as many as 300 individuals. Here, it’ll be possible for the artists to perform street plays in the best possible way. Moreover, a dormitory will also be available within this facility. Other essential features consist of AV/LV systems, LED lighting, Solar systems, and so on for the convenience of the artists and the guests.

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