Best Indian Foods You Need to Try

Although Indian food is great, ordering can be confusing for those who are inexperienced with it. Here are a few of the top Indian dishes.

India is a stunning subcontinent with a diverse history. India is home to countless of civilizations, and its people have also developed over 900 different dialects and languages. But maybe one of India’s most well-known exports is its cuisine. Even while regional and town-specific cuisines vary, some dishes have become more well-known than others. Following that, here are fifteen of the best Indian dishes you must taste and can definitely find at a nearby Indian restaurant.

  1. Butter Chicken
  2. Dal Tadka
  3. Chaat
  4. Samosa
  5. Dhokla
  6. Matar Paneer
  7. Vada Pav
  8. Hyderabadi Biryani
  9. Pani Puri
  10. Masala Dosa
  11. Parantha
  12. Pongal
  13. Matar Paneer
  14. Papadum
  15. Rogan Josh


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