Celebrating The Stellar Achievements Of UPSC Toppers 2023: A State-Wise Breakdown

Celebrating The Stellar Achievements Of UPSC Toppers 2023: A State-Wise Breakdown

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination is renowned for its rigor and selectivity, making it a defining moment for aspiring civil servants. The UPSC topper list for 2023 showcases the exceptional talent and dedication of individuals who have surpassed all challenges to secure top ranks. In this article, we delve into the remarkable accomplishments of the UPSC toppers of 2023, highlighting their names, ranks, and roll numbers, and celebrating their achievements on a state-wise basis.

  1. Ishita Kishore – Rank 1 (Roll Number: 5809986): Ishita Kishore’s outstanding performance has secured her the coveted first rank in the UPSC examination. Her dedication, perseverance, and comprehensive understanding of the subjects have propelled her to the top, setting a remarkable example for aspirants across the nation.
  2. Garima Lohia – Rank 2 (Roll Number: 1506175): Garima Lohia has secured an impressive second rank in the UPSC examination. Her meticulous preparation, strategic approach, and in-depth knowledge have been instrumental in her stellar achievement, inspiring others to aim for greatness.
  3. Uma Harathin N – Rank 3 (Roll Number: 1019872): Uma Harathin N’s exceptional performance has earned her the third rank in the UPSC examination. Her unwavering dedication, analytical abilities, and commitment to public service have placed her among the nation’s finest future civil servants.
  4. Smriti Mishra (Rank 4)
  5. Mayur Hazarika (Rank 5)
  6. Gahana Navya James (Rank 6)
  7. Waseem Ahmad Bhat (Rank 7)
  8. Anirudh Yadav (Rank 8)
  9. Kanika Goyal (Rank 9)
  10. Rahul Shrivastava (Rank 10)
  11. Prasanjeet Kaur (Rank 11)
  12. Abhinav Siwach (Rank 12)
  13. Vidhushi Singh (Rank 13)
  14. Krithika Goyal (Rank 14)
  15. Swati Sharma (Rank 15)
  16. Shishir Kumar Singh (Rank 16)
  17. Avinash Kumar (Rank 17)
  18. Siddharth Shukla (Rank 18)
  19. Laghima Tiwari (Rank 19)
  20. Anoushka Sharma (Rank 20)

The UPSC topper list for 2023 exemplifies the outstanding caliber and determination of individuals who have emerged victorious in one of the nation’s toughest examinations. These toppers from various states have exhibited exceptional knowledge, perseverance, and a passion for serving the nation. They have become a source of inspiration and motivation for future aspirants, encouraging them to pursue their dreams of making a difference in s

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