Cell phone effects on family life

Cell phones though considered one of the most valuable technological inventions that have fundamentally changed the view of communication of people at the same time overusing it is creating extensive addiction and affecting family relationships as a whole. People nowadays are constantly sticking to their cell phones is taking a toll emotionally, and mentally thus affecting their whole well-being. Here are some cell phone effects on family life.

Takes away from family concerns

Though there are enough times that interfere with family time – work schedules, homework, and extracurricular activities overusing cell phones make families lose track of the things that happen in the family. People mostly tend to lose connect with their family members and spend less time with their children and spouse. 

Addiction is the major cell phone effects

Many researchers show that too much use of smartphones leads to addiction and it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate on other things, especially family members.

Bad Etiquette is also a cell phone effects

Phubbing and using of cell phone while you are at the dinner table or in the middle of any kind of conversation is considered bad etiquette and affects your family time. Make sure unless it’s an urgent matter, try avoiding using the cell phone at hand when you are spending time with your family.

Kids learn from parents

Please consider that children learn from their parents. If parents constantly stay connected over cell phones while at home then kids will learn the same thing and are likely to pick up the phubbing behaviour from parents. Every minute spent online will have a negative impact and will have less time for important things in life as well as family time.

Easy to lose track of time

Overusing cell phones hinders time. Have you ever thought that you didn’t spend the time which you thought about with your family because you were busy checking posts on social media or scanning the news or playing? 

Destroys relationships is also cell phone effects

You may think that your relationship with your spouse or children has started ruining in recent times. Maybe we are doing a good job to live a luxurious life but sometimes not realizing that we are also spending too much on the virtual world which affects our relationships and family time.

How you can reduce usage? 

  • Make a thumb rule while you are at home about the usage of the cell phone so that each member can spend quality time when together. 
  • If you are thinking that it’s hard for you to stay away from cell phones then consider sleeping as many researchers state that cell phone addiction is real.
  • Reconnect with family during dinner time and consider it as an opportunity to connect with your family.
  • You can use an app to monitor how much you or your kids use phones so that it becomes easy to track.


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