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Challenges of living in megacities

Challenges of living in megacities

This article presents interesting information on the topic challenges of living in megacities. These types of challenges might consist of deficiency of access to proper employment, transport infrastructure, housing, and shelter, as well as inadequate sewage systems which contribute to unhealthy living right now. So, let us not speak further and go through this topic from start to finish.

Traffic infrastructure

It is possible for traffic to be dire in the megacities with more than 10 million dwellers. Since there is a declining rate of poverty levels across the globe, many citizens are able to purchase vehicles for commuting from one place to the other. The first thing is that there can be a huge disruption in the movement of traffic because of the presence of an excessive number of vehicles on the road. As a matter of fact, we always come across 2 stroke engine cabs, cycle rickshaws, motorcycles, elephants, bullocks, cars, and trucks sharing the same road. Moreover, all these vehicles do not move at the same speed and some of them make movements at high levels of speed that can block the flow of traffic significantly.


There is an influx of population in the megacities these days, and it has presented some notable challenges of living in megacities. On top of this, we often come across slums in various parts of the cities that are rather unhygienic to reside in. These slums also create lots of chaos and unruly behavior from the local residents that can be quite disturbing in the long run. The building materials of the houses in these slums often present an unhealthy and hazardous environment.

Water and sanitation

It is imperative to have clean water as well as sewage removal for healthy living which is free from any ailments. However, these are notable challenges for most of the megacities in this world right now. Firstly, there is no sufficient water in the slum areas for people to stay healthy. Moreover, the presence of outdated colonial structures in some cities is not capable of dealing with the new materials and volume in the sewage system.

Almost every mega-city faced water scarcity problems from time to time. Cities like São Paulo and Delhi have experienced notable draughts in recent times. Many cities also depend on the extraction of groundwater which isn’t sustainable by any means. These cities likewise come with options for considerable gains from the treatment of wastewater and loss minimization from leaking infrastructure.


It is quite difficult to procure a job in most megacities because of the excessive population. Moreover, there is corruption in the economic system that helps to aggravate the situation. For this reason, megacities do not have much revenue for providing sufficient services to the residents which makes it quite difficult to regulate wages.

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