Chennai famous street food

In India, you will come across many locations that are known to provide scrumptious food items. There is no doubt that Chennai happens to be one of them. Apart from idli and dosa, the city will provide you with lots of other recipes that will reflect its delicious food pellet. You will come across lots of street foods in this city which we have mentioned in this article.


Idly is considered to be the staple food of the state of Tamil Nadu, and virtually every street corner will provide you with this particular delicacy. Being prepared from rice, Idly is usually served along with coconut chutney as well as sambar.

This is a fluffy and soft round cake that attracts individuals of all ages. Besides this, Idly is also a healthy food item that you must try while you are in Chennai.

Kothu Parotta

This one is a simple to prepare and tasty dish that has become very popular in South India right now. One can enjoy it in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian ways. This recipe consists of shredded parotta that is blended with different chopped vegetables like potatoes, onions, and tomatoes with various spices as well. Kothu Parotta is usually served with a spicy sauce or cold Raita according to your tastes.


This particular Chennai famous street food item is quite well-known in the city although it resembles the name of a renowned cricketer of the Indian team. In spite of being a South Indian delicacy, Indians from all over the country will love it as well.

It is served along with tangy and spicy chutney much to the delight of numerous passersby on the streets of Chennai.


Sundal happens to be a sort of dry Chaat food item which happens to be a healthy and light munching snack available in the streets of Chennai. It consists of boiled chickpeas, raw mango, as well as shredded coconut and happens to be tangy in flavor.

On most occasions, this food item is served with tomatoes, onions, and dry cucumber. Moreover, different types of spices are added to this food item for making it somewhat spicy and tangy.


This is one of the most well-known Chennai street food items that have won the hearts of many food enthusiasts in South India as well as the rest of India. One can consider it to be a fulfilling and heavy breakfast that consists of various types of flour like rice, wheat, ragi, Rava flour, black rice, and so on.

While serving it, sugar along with freshly grated coconut is added to this food item for enhancing its taste and flavor. This snack is served with various types of curries like black chickpeas curry and kadala curry. Besides this, it can also be consumed with fish curry as well as meat dishes. You must try this particular street food item in case you happen to visit Chennai in the future.

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