Chief guest for India’s 74th republic day parade: Let us see a dream at this Republic Day; One Nation, One Vision, and One Identity

Chief guest for India's 74th republic day parade

Every year on January 26th, India commemorates Republic Day with enormous fervour and enthusiasm. In 2023, a large parade will be held on Delhi’s Rajpath in honour of the Indian Armed Forces. With great pride, India is gearing up to commemorate its 74th Republic Day. After a two-year break brought on by the epidemic, Egyptian President al-Sisi is the inaugural Chief Guest for India’s 74th Republic Day Parade. The Arab Republic of Egypt will participate in the commemoration of India Republic Day for the first time this year. Every year, a distinguished ambassador is invited to take part in the lavish India Republic Day festivities.

Al-Sisi, who is he?

Abdeh Fatah al-Sisi, the Chief guest for India’s 74th republic day parade in 2023, previously served as Egypt’s military commander and defence minister before succeeding the democratically elected M. Morsi in 2013 following a coup. On the basis of an economic development platform, he went on to win the following election in 2014. His administration has so far drawn mixed reviews, with detractors citing Egypt’s current economic difficulties and the violent suppression of opposition voices as reasons for concern. Al-Sisi will be the first Egyptian head of state to attend the event when he comes in January of the following year.

Why is it such a great honour to attend Republic Day in India as the Chief Guest?

It is the highest honour that the nation offers to a guest in terms of protocol, even though it is equivalent to any other state visit by a high-ranking foreign official given the grandeur and significance of the ceremony involved.

In numerous ceremonial events that have evolved over time to become a vital component of the celebration and the lead-up to it, the Chief Guest takes centre stage. The formal guard of honour is presented to them at Rashtrapati Bhavan, and they then attend an evening reception that is hosted by the Indian President. In honour of Mahatma Gandhi, they also placed a wreath at Rajghat. There is a banquet held in their honour, the Prime Minister hosts a lunch, and the Vice President and the Minister of External Affairs make phone calls.

When the Chief Guest visits, it portrays the Chief Guest as participating in India’s pride and happiness, and reflects the friendship between the two peoples represented by the President of India. Ambassador Manbir Singh, a former employee of the Indian Foreign Service and Chief of Protocol from 1999 to 2002, said, “of India and the Chief Guest.”. In addition to having higher political and diplomatic significance, this symbolism turns into a potent tool for establishing and strengthening ties between India and the country of its invitee.

Final Thought 

During the Republic Day celebrations on Kartavaya Path, a 120-member Egyptian contingent will march on for the first time, according to Defense Secretary Aramane. He claims that this year’s tableaus from 16 states and six Union ministries will be on show. At Kartavya Path on January 26 during Republic Day celebrations, the grand parade of marching contingents of the Indian Armed Forces and the Paramilitary forces will pass. In addition to the Vijay Chowk Beating the Retreat ritual and the Prime Minister’s NCC rally, there will be children’s cultural performances, acrobatic motorbike rides, a fly-past, tableaux displays with a fly-past, by the States and Central Ministries/Departments

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