Co-browsing feature on income tax e-filing website!

A co-browsing feature on income tax has been introduced by the IT department on the e-filing website. It is a fact that the capability of helping clients remotely with ITR filing plus other activities will be simpler for the helpdesk too. The co-browsing feature on income tax will enable the agents of the helpdesk to collaborate with the browser of the taxpayer in real time. In this way, it will be possible for the agents to provide personalized support and real-time assistance to taxpayers while filing activities such as ITR.

It will also be possible to combine the co-browsing feature on income tax with phone and live chat for fixing problems encountered by the customers within a short span of time. According to the website of income tax, agents will be able to take advantage of this for helping the taxpayers to navigate, type text, scroll text, as well as highlight interesting areas in real-time on the identical browser tab.

It will not be possible for the agents to view any other information on the computer of the taxpayer when it comes to co-browsing. Moreover, it will be feasible for the taxpayer to terminate the co-browsing session anytime in case they like to conclude the conversation.

The co-browsing feature on income tax can be used by the agents for annotating the perspective of the screen of the taxpayer, changing settings, helping them in filling out statutory forms such as ITR, uploading documents, and locating resources intended for the taxpayer consisting of reference materials and assistance. Agents can make use of this facility for annotating the view of the screen by the taxpayer, modifying settings, assisting in filling out ITR forms, finding assistance, completing transactions, and uploading documents as well.

Not the same as screen sharing

In screen sharing, it is feasible for the service agents to view the desktop of the customer without any problem whatsoever. The co-browsing feature on income tax happens to be extremely simple to use and convenient since it is not imperative for the taxpayer or the agent to set up any third-party application before sharing the screen. Nevertheless, this feature will provide a more secure and personal experience since the agent will be able to view the taxpayer’s browser’s active window only and that’s all!

Benefits of co-browsing feature on income tax

  • Does not require any plug-in or installation
  • Enhances rates of resolution
  • Minimizes average handling time
  • Effortless navigation
  • Simple to use with easy integration
  • Annotates and highlights important points


Here, we like to mention that it is imperative for the taxpayer to approve the request prior to the commencement of the co-browsing session by the agents. It is also possible for the taxpayers to terminate the session at any time according to their preference as well.

Anuradha G

Senior Content writer in KEIZO.

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