Covid Cases Rising In India

Covid Cases Rising In India

It is a fact that COVID cases are rising in India once again. The country has registered a sharp increase in COVID cases during the last few weeks. Union Health Ministry reported today that approximately 6,000 new COVID cases spread across the country, along with a 3% daily positivity rate and approximately a 4% weekly positivity rate.

In the middle of this recent spike in the number of Covid cases, the IMA (Indian Medical Association) has reported that the primary reason behind the surge in Covid cases in India in recent times might be the relaxation of Covid-appropriate behavior, the emergence of a fresh Covid variant, and the low testing rate.

The Indian Medical Association declared in a statement that many individuals are not aware of taking the required precautions against the violence. People who are affected by symptoms do not want to get tested. In this way, it has enabled the virus to infect more individuals by spreading undetected.

The statement further declared that this vaccination drive has resulted in a false sense of security, and therefore, they have minimized the guard against this infection.

Patients showing the same set of symptoms

According to the physicians, the COVID-affected patients are displaying an identical set of symptoms, just like the third wave of the pandemic situation in the country last year between January and March. Among the most common symptoms of the new variant, mention may be made of fever, cold, sore throat, headache, fatigue, exhaustion, and body aches. Some individuals have also reported that the virus is affecting their digestive systems.

The virus is not that dangerous

The virus causing COVID goes on mutating, resulting in the birth of fresh strains like XBB.1.16. Individuals believe that this fresh variant can be more transmissible than the previous variants; however, fortunately, they are not that dangerous.

The fresh COVID variant known as XBB.1.16 might be the reason behind the spike in the number of cases. It also added that the increasing number of cases showcases that Corona is still there, and therefore, it is imperative for us to take the required measures. COVID-19 is going to spread in the community, and so we have to remain safe by resorting to some simple precautionary measures.

The statement further declared that individuals suffering from symptoms like sore throat, fever, cough, body aches, headaches, loss of taste or smell, and breathlessness must get themselves tested for Corona.

Furthermore, the statement also declared that it was imperative for people to wash their hands frequently. It is essential to wash every part of their hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds if they are using a hand rub based on alcohol or for a minimum of 40 seconds if they are using water and soap.

Apart from this, individuals should also put on a mask, particularly in crowded areas, according to the statement. The statement likewise asked the citizens to stay away from gathering in crowded areas as well as poorly ventilated zones whenever possible.

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