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Destination wedding in India

Weddings in India marks the unison of two families in a most elaborate and traditionally planned manner. The India Wedding ensues the knotting of the bride and groom in a physical, spiritual, emotional and social acceptable manner. A destination wedding in India means a month’s long tiring task of celebrations, shopping, gifts, venue, destination and food. The grandeur of the affair is exhausted most appropriately by the Bollywood movies with all the trivial knick knacks of groom’s relatives. Hence the Indian wedding is a celebration of life starting from ‘HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN” to “TANU WEDS MANU” which sometimes jolts into the world of youths acceptations.

 The gist of the India wedding is “the show must go on’’ and it was relatively well understood by the entrepreneurs involved in the wedding business who carved out a more vibrant and relaxing option called “DESTINATION WEDDING”. The modernization of every aspect of life even Indian weddings are not untouched and resulted in a concept which is more appealing, stylish and can be sized as per financial capability.

Destination weddings are more and more in vogue for that matter people are understanding that a wedding is an occasion to celebrate a new chapter in life rather than burdening oneself with unnecessary debts for appreciation among society gossipmongers. There are relatively many more reasons that have made Indians increasingly opt for Destination wedding in India ;

Easy on pocket

A good destination wedding can somewhere fall into 15 to 60 lakhs depending on your requirements and budget.

New to view

A destination wedding in India will definitely yield into an altogether different experience and memories with villas, forts, beaches and backwaters to explore.

Enchanting locations

The destination in itself will provide locations and backstage for pre- wedding and wedding shoots and snaps. Any youngster in the family can do wonders with the camera without you shelling out a penny.

Guest list

The people who really matters to the family will definitely be there. Sidelining a huge unnecessary guest- list whose presence sometimes creates sour experiences. The more intimate the affair the burden of performance will be less for both bride and groom parents.

No lingering home-chores/Office

The continuous demands of hectic life never let the family or relatives leave their daily life burdens as someone or the other may be running for the last minute meeting or task. Destination wedding will make everybody engrossed in the celebration as it will be a home away exotic holiday.

One- stop shop

No running of pillar to post for each thing during the wedding. Destination wedding make it a hassle free affair with the right wedding planner making it a managerial perfection with right kind of food, music and ambience.

Some of the most famous place for destination wedding in India are –

Royals Jaipur is counted on top position for destination wedding place in India.

If the bride dreamed of a regal wedding and imagined a prince wooing her to his royal estate than Jaipur forts are the best option.

Backwaters Beach Kerala is also an amazing place for destination wedding in India

Couple with a love for nature can opt for Kovalam Kerala for a destination wedding in India. The sprawling waters and the mesmerizing beauty will make it a quiet and quintessential example of Indian traditional wedding.

Wild Goa

Extroverts and Party lover couples can definitely opt for a luxurious Goa wedding. It can provide an intermix of modern affinities and cultural hybridization of two different communities. Weddings in Goa will guarantee a fun and frolic wedding with luxuries at par.

Serene Shimla

A summer wedding in Shimla will gave the attendees a European feel with gigantic mountains and charismatic locations to explore and shoot. The hilly area provides infinite and accessible wedding options with a staff pro in wedding arrangements.

Love City Agra is also a coolest destination wedding place in India

The most romantic couple can never go wrong with the epitome of Love ‘Taj Mahal” city Agra. The bride and groom can make their love eternal by taking their vows in the historic city. The wedding can be easily turned exotic with the help of local event managers in subsidized rates.

India has the most diverse geographical locations and glamorous landscape from which any one can opt for Wedding destination as per their liking and interests. Rest assured the memory of one’s wedding should be unforgettable and charismatic.


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