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Food is not bound by caste or religion. And when it comes to a crunchy dosa, you simply cannot say NO, whether you are a North Indian or South Indian, vegetarian or not. Before you even get a plate of this dish, you’ll be drooling if the dosa is filled with hot masalas. Who stated that this meal can only be made in certain south Indian states perfectly? Delhi, a city famous for its cuisine, is not far behind in this. Here are some of our top recommendations for restaurants where you can go whenever you want a delicious masala dosa.

Sarvana Bhawan

One of Delhi’s most recognisable restaurants serving South Indian cuisine is Sarvana Bhawan. The most popular appams and filling pongal are served at Sarvana Bhawan for breakfast every day at 8 a.m. They have a large selection of south Indian meals on their menu. Whenever lunchtime rolls around, a long line forms, indicating how delicious the cuisine is. Their sweet Mysore Pak and rava dosa are to die for. Additionally outstanding is their Ghee Roast Mysore Masala Dosa. For a taste of everything, you can also try their thali, which is infused with Tamilian flavours.

Sagar Ratna

The name Sagar Ratna is not new. It’s a well-known restaurant with a reputation for serving delicious south Indian cuisine. Many people associate dosa with Sagar Ratna. Has their Makhni Paneer Masala Dosa caught your attention? Although the combo doesn’t sound particularly tasty, it’s worth a try. The buttery paneer-filled crispy dosa is amazing of this world. Additionally, you can indulge in their Udupi favourites. In fact, everything on the menu, from their flaky Paper Dosas to their hot Podi Idlis, is deserving of praise.

Karnataka Food Centre

You’ll completely forget about the other KFC after eating at this tiny KFC in RK Puram since it will fill your palate with so much masala! The eatery provides traditional Kannada cuisine that lavishly incorporates curd, curry leaves, chilies, and coconut. You’ll have to wait for a decent time to find an empty table here because it’s always so busy. You will be transported to gastronomic nirvana by their Ghee Masala Dosa and Paneer Masala Dosa, and you won’t want to leave. Try the Uttapam Platter here, which includes 5 different uttapam flavours.

Jantar Mantar Dosa Wala

Delhi residents love this 33-year-old South Indian food joint at Jantar Mantar. This South Indian song by Mr. Kesavan Kutty has a broad fan base. The 33-year-old restaurant, which opened in the year 1987, serves a range of south Indian cuisine. This shop creates everything fresh in-house, from paper-thin dosas to puffy idlis. The restaurant’s proprietor, Mr. Kesavan Kutty, informs us: “We make our masala from scratch. We’ve been able to attract a wide range of people’s attention because to our location. I’ve witnessed political figures, students, and family members visit us throughout the years from all across the city.”

Guruprasad Udupi

Although the South Indian mainstays provided at Guruprasad Udupi convey a divine taste and authentic flavour, the restaurant serves a variety of cuisines. Most visitors arrive here after paying homage to the nearby renowned Malay Mandir. This restaurant serves a Special Family Masala Dosa and a Family Paneer Masala Dosa from Monday through Friday. The dosas are plenty for around three persons with a normal appetite and are packed with delectable spicy ingredients. They also provide thali alternatives that are prepared traditionally. Sambhar and chutney are offered with these dosas. Since everything on the menu is reasonably priced, it qualifies as a good cheap restaurant in Munirka.

Anuradha G

Senior Content writer in KEIZO.

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