Enjoy variety of dishes in food festival Delhi

We all know Delhi for its rich traditions and culture. However, being India’s cultural capital, this city is also known for its quirky food festivals. Here you’ll be able to satisfy your taste buds with the help of some remarkable cuisines made in different parts of India. The majority of these food festivals take place every year at a particular time. Here, we have mentioned several well-known food items that are being served at these food festival Delhi.


Paranthas will definitely be one of the most mouthwatering food items which are found in food festivals in Delhi. You can either go for a plain one or choose the stuffing of your preference including cauliflower, potatoes, eggs, radish, bananas, or keema.

Aloo Tiki is famous of food festival Delhi

This particular dish is prepared at almost every household in India as well as Pakistan and Bangladesh these days. You can have this dish while you’re present at the festival in the evenings along with chai. This cuisine is usually prepared with boiled potatoes and it is fried in oil following that. It will not cause you any health issues in case you consume this food item in moderate amounts.

Fish fry

This is yet another well-known food item that every visitor would prefer consuming while he’s at a food festival in Delhi. As a matter of fact, nothing would be better than a spicy and scrumptious plate of fish fry. The good thing is that these fries are served absolutely fresh to the visitors which will satisfy their hunger in the best possible way. They will definitely feel like going back to the food festival Delhi again and again after having this particular item.

Papri Chaat must be try in food festival Delhi

There is no doubt that the most popular chaat in Delhi, and perhaps in northern India, happens to be the papri chaat. It is usually prepared from potatoes and topped with different types of spices, curd, and other ingredients. If you like to make your experience at a food festival in Delhi an interesting and memorable one, then you should indulge in the consumption of Papri Chaat without fail.

Chicken Tikka Rolls

In case you happen to be a chicken buff, then you are bound to love this particular item. It happens to be a roll that has been made from a combination of various types of spicy chutneys known as chicken tikka. There are lots of food stalls in these food festivals selling these rolls with the purpose of satisfying the visitors.

Kakori Kebabs

This particular dish will be ideal for you in case you are a lover of mouthwatering kebabs. It is guaranteed that this particular recipe will not disappoint any food enthusiast who prefers experimenting with exotic and delicious food items.

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