Front row seats allotted to rickshaw pullers vegetable vendors at Republic Day 2023 Parade

Front row seats allotted to rickshaw pullers vegetable vendors at Republic Day 2023 Parade

Every year, India is known to celebrate its Republic day on 26th January. This year is also not an exception to this and the country is preparing to celebrate the 74th Republic day this time. However, there has been some exciting news for all of us regarding what is going to happen on this special occasion. As a matter of fact, the 74th Republic day 2023 happens to be the day when the common man is going to participate. People from every sphere of the community will be participating in this special event that will take place on the 26th of January.

Participation of the common man

The Ministry of Defense declared on 18th January that the common people from this country who played an important role in building Kartvya Path, Central Vista, New Parliament Building, along with vegetable and milk vendors, as well as street vendors are going to participate. Moreover, they will receive a prominent seat at the Republic day parade to be held in New Delhi this year.

The Chief Guest

Moreover, the President of an Islamic Nation known as Egypt, namely Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will come to India as the chief guest for attending the Republic day celebrations this year. There will also be a 120-member contingent from the same country participating in the Republic day parade as well. Incidentally, this is the first time that the Republic day celebrations will happen at this particular venue after the renaming of Rajpath as Kartavya Path.

Shramjeevis are going to participate

The common man will seat in the front row during the celebrations where we will be able to witness individuals like small-scale grocers, rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors, as well as milk booth vendors. These people are known as Shramjeevis who are responsible for constructing the renowned Central Vista a while back. And, the good thing is that the members of their families will also come to the Republic day celebrations on this special day

Some more interesting information

There will be as many as 45,000 seats available to the general public on this special day. Moreover, several programs will also take place right here where different states will showcase their food items as well as artworks. Last but not least, there will be a flypast consisting of 8 transport aircraft, and 18 helicopters, in addition to 23 fighters. Apart from this, there will be the biggest Drone Show in the nation right here where as many as 3,500 drones will illuminate the evening sky much to the appreciation of the crowd who will gather right here.

In a nutshell, we are all waiting to witness a grand celebration that will take place on the 74th Republic day 2023 in New Delhi on 26 January this year. It is good to know that the common man has found importance at this special celebration thanks to the intervention of the Hon. Prime Minister of India.

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