History behind celebrating Valentine’s Day

History behind celebrating Valentine's Day

Virtually all individuals will swoon over a romantic love story; however, it is not exactly the same when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Being celebrated on 14th February, we are known to exchange greetings and sweets amongst each other. Nevertheless, not everybody is accustomed to the reason why this type of holiday takes place on this day. Similar to any other festival’s historical background, the religious causes of this special day made way for more material interests. Unlike its original story, the contemporary iteration of Valentine’s Day has a rather bubbly feel that happens to be somewhat gruesome in reality.

The history of Valentine’s Day and its significance

The origin of this particular day has certain stories behind it. One specific legend asserts that the origin of Valentine’s Day has an affiliation with the festival of Lupercalia that the Romans observe in the month of February. In this particular festival held at the commencement of spring, females were coupled with males by means of a lottery. Individuals are of the notion that Pope Gelasius was accountable for swapping this carnival with St. Valentine’s Day, and they started celebrating it as a day of passionate romance over a certain span of time from the 14th century. According to one more legend, the authorities executed St. Valentine on 14th February to punish him since he performed secret weddings with the intention of preventing the husbands from going to the battlefield since Claudius II, the Roman emperor, banned them.

In the meantime, Cupid, the angel of love, was behind the symbolization of Valentine’s Day. Cupid happens to be the offspring of Venus who happens to be the goddess of romance and beauty as per Roman mythology. Cupid’s bow and arrow showcase casting the spell of romance by piercing a heart. As a result, Valentine’s Day is concerned with celebrating the sensation of having a passion for love.

Valentine’s Day has turned out to be a commercialized festival in the modern age. Individuals are in the habit of commemorating their passion and partnership on this day apart from making grand gesticulations for their companions and conveying their sensations for one another.

Why do people celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day converted into a holiday in the long run regarding passionate romance, and because of this reason, it will be imperative to convey our thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer, the romantic poet from England. We also provide credit to William Shakespeare for making the romantic associations of the holiday popular.

It was quite common for romantic lovers and buddies to exchange small notes and tokens on Valentine’s Day by the middle of the 18th century. It was the Industrial Revolution that aided in creating printed cards for Valentine’s Day the hot new stuff during the 19th century. We have not looked back at the era of pre-gifts, cards, and presents since then, and the world has become quite different eventually.  

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