How entertainment television shapes social values and beliefs!

Television has played an important role in the development of society and changed society in many different ways which people definitely can’t ignore. In this developmental world, the influence of media cannot be ignored and especially the youth’s belief in television as they consider television as the prime source of learning new ideas and so their mental beliefs are strongly affected. 

But the negative aspect cannot be ignored too….

Though youngsters or you can say people of all ages follow Television but there are many market-oriented commercial media which offer unhealthy thoughts. It includes unhealthy culture and undesirable orientation which creates complexity and forms public opinion. 

The negative functions are in two ways 

One, television sometimes affects negatively people’s beliefs by producing a large number of daily soaps which affects the mindset and culture of people in the name of entertainment. Even different animations or films are made which might have artistic value but has a sensational effect on youth and vulgarization that affects the rhythm of life. Not only it affects society but also mental people and disturbs them and emerges a wrong orientation of the outlook on life. According to several types of research, most kids and teens tend to learn those while doing homework and playing on television during the evening. It’s not that they are affected by the media rather they are affected by the content in it. 

Secondly, the vulgar tendency. Majorly it has increased in all forms of media and physical assault too which leads to several serious threats to the mindset of the people. On the other hand, it also disturbs the social environment.

Other issues with Television 

Television also promotes several demands which are artificial or desires which is completely justified. Also through Television people actually can focus on the psychological issues which affect one’s life completely. The viewers are sometimes also exposed to violence and other unhealthy activities which affect cultural values as well. It is affecting our perception and belief in the culture and society in a negative way too. 

Role of Television in the society 

Television helps to directly connect with people of all ages during a pandemic and any crucial crisis. Channels also update us with several situations happening all over the world. Various campaigns go on to aware people and stay safe too. Also, it has a strong influence on shaping the lifestyle of the people.

No doubt Television has affected us both in good and bad ways and our way of behaving. The programs getting telecasted sometimes also affect our social structure and make us wish for unrealistic desires. Though we can’t stop the influence of television but try to create awareness about watching better programs.

Anuradha G

Senior Content writer in KEIZO.

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