How menopause affects your life?

Menopause always affects women’s mental health. There are many people who recommend doctors when women are suffering from mental health problems due to menopause. Before we analyze how it created an effect on mental health one should know what is menopause. The main definition is when women haven’t had a period for a full year. The average age of this on set is 51 approx. Before you reach menopause, your body starts changing for many years. And this stage is called perimenopause.

During this time, some women experience different types of symptoms for a short period. Others, can feel other types of symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, memory problems or sleep disturbance, etc. These types of symptoms can affect your relationship, your weight, sleep, and mental health as well.

Mental health connection

If you are talking about common symptoms of menopause, then mood swing is one of them. During this time, the body has low estrogen levels and for this reason, irritation problem arises, and anxiety and depression also come. Your mood can swing very fast and you can laugh and cry within a few minutes.  Now, the question is, how estrogen level attached to your mood? There are some reports which show that due to the effects of hormone changes, a lower level of it, may lead to feeling depression. Menopause and low estrogen level always create together many other types of problems like bipolar disorder or any other type of mental disorder, depression, etc.

What type of other complications comes to your life due to menopause?

Low levels of estrogen levels, there are many other things that create an impact on the mental health of women during menopause. Some of the common points include…

  • It can end to start a romantic personal relationship
  • Career changes or financial changes
  • Concerns about ageing parents
  • Worries about the health of your partners
  • You have to reevaluate the life expectations always

Menopause & Bipolar disorder!

Menopause is the common reason for bipolar disorder problem. Different research has always shown that women with bipolar disorder are more sensitive and there is a high chance for hormonal shifts during menopause. A woman who has this along with bipolar disorder problem they are more aggressive and depressed all the time.

Treatment of menopause problem!

Well, during the depression, hot flashes, or mood swings, you don’t need to wait when such depression will go! Fortunately, you have proper treatment options through which you can manage your menopausal symptoms. You can visit a doctor’s chamber who can provide you with hormone therapy though which you can replace the estrogen you have lost. You can take injections, pills, or other ways as well.

So, if you are suffering from mood swings, or health issues visit the nearest doctor’s chamber today!

Anuradha G

Senior Content writer in KEIZO.

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