How to explain children about physical warning signs, inappropriate touch

As responsible parents, it is our duty to teach our children how to be safe at all times. For example, we may teach our kids how to cross the road, not to play with matches, and so forth. However, we might find it quite difficult to talk to them regarding sexual abuse. Many parents prefer not to talk about inappropriate touch, and many have admitted that as well. This is because they might feel that their keys might become intimidated in the long run. Nevertheless, the actual fact is that lots of kids encounter some sort of sexual abuse and inappropriate touching in their school days. Although it might happen more in the case of girls, boys also become victims at times.

In this article, we have mentioned some guidelines regarding teaching your kids topics like physical warning signs, inappropriate touch, and safe or unsafe secrets and places.

Teach your child that he is the boss of his body

Try to explain body safety in a simple manner that he will be able to understand. For example, you may tell the kid about the importance of his body and why he should be healthy and safe at all times. Following this, allow them to protest when some of their classmates might be performing something that hurts. For instance, if they push your kid to the ground. Impart education to them regarding the safety of their bodies as well as why they should keep them safe.

Make use of the appropriate words for different body parts

Make it a point to use the proper names for different body parts such as feet, elbows, legs, and so on. However, some parents like to use nicknames instead. The kids might feel that their parents have some hesitation to talk about the names of the body parts, and they will be ashamed of these as well. Inform your children regarding the fact that these are actually medical terms used by the physicians and there is nothing to be ashamed of them in the long run. This will make everything frank and candid in front of the children and they will be able to communicate these topics easily.

Discuss good touch and bad touch

Make it a point to inform your children regarding the various types of touches. While the safe touches will appear to be rather comfortable and caring, the unsafe touches are going to hurt the bodies and feelings of the young ones. They must not mind saying “no” even though it might be their family members or known friends.


It will be helpful to provide the kids with clear rules regarding what actually is a safe touch and what is not. Moreover, they should share these rules with other kids in their classes too.


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