How to make gajar halwa recipe at home

Gajar Ka Halwa is considered to be one of the most popular Indian desserts. The term gajar is a Hindi word whose meaning is carrot, whereas the term halwa implies a pudding made from milk, ghee, and sugar. It is quite simple to prepare this gajar halwa recipe and in this article, we will see how to make this at our own residence. It is a fact that this well-known desert is prepared at least a couple of times during the wintertime in every North Indian family. We also prepare it for special occasions like weddings and get-togethers.

There are several simple procedures for preparing this delicacy. While some people prefer adding sugar for making the dish sweet, others tend to add condensed milk. Furthermore, you will come across many people that use both these methods. Let us see how to make gajar halwa in the following paragraphs.

Preparing gajar ki halwa

At first, make sure to caramelize carrots in ghee, and following this, cook in an open pan with milk. Here, it will be imperative to sauté carrots (which have been grated) in ghee, and following this, you need to stir and cook together with sugar and milk for nearly 60 minutes. Lastly, you need to add some nuts for enhancing the flavor.

It is quite surprising that one can prepare this mouthwatering dessert with so few ingredients. However, it is a fact that only a few ingredients will be required for making this recipe and most of these will be available in your kitchen easily.

There is hardly any doubt that the taste of this gajar halwa recipe will impress everybody out there including your guests and household members. Therefore, make sure to prepare it only on special occasions like parties or get-togethers. Your guests will have no other way but to appreciate this recipe eventually. In fact, individuals of all ages including both adults and kids will love this delicacy for sure.

You can serve this recipe either warm or cold. Although, most individuals prefer eating it warm.

Some fantastic guidelines to make the recipe even better

  • Always make sure to use freshly grated carrots for preparing this wonderful dish. However, the carrots will become brown in color in case they are kept shredded for quite some time.
  • It will be a sensible idea to add condensed milk since it will enhance the taste more than anything else.
  • If feasible, make use of juicy and large carrots only for making this dish. Moreover, it will be better if the color of the carrots is red instead of orange.
  • Stir the stuff frequently so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • It will be possible to skip adding milk totally or you may also minimize the quantity of milk if you like.

After learning how to make gajar halwa, now it is time for you to make your near and dear ones happy with this wonderful dish.

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