India has a food wastage problem. How individual can make a difference?

At present, we are suffering from food wastage problem in India to a great extent. There are approximately 69 million tons of food waste domestically in this country every year. This fact can be quite surprising in a nation where individuals are quite sensible about food as well as food wastage problem for a long time.

Lots of food is wasted at the consumption stage.

Parents and educational institutions teach the students in India how to clean their plates since you will come across many unfortunate individuals in this country who are deprived of adequate food. It has been found by surveys that approximately 11% of all food items are discarded at the consumption level of the supply chain. On the other hand, food services are responsible for wasting approximately 5% of food and retail establishments waste about 2% of food these days.

Here, we have mentioned how it will be feasible for individuals to get rid of this food wastage issue in India right now.

Store in airtight containers can stop food wastage problem

In case we store the food items such as biscuits and pickles in airtight containers there is not much chance for them to become decomposed and spoiled. Therefore, these food items will stay fresh for a long time and there will be no need to discard them for being spoiled.

Never throw edible parts

Sometimes we tend to throw away the edible parts of the food items such as chicken skin, fruit peels, as well as egg yolks. However, it will not be a sensible idea to get rid of these edible parts in the long run since these are quite healthy and nutritious.

Place your order sensibly

While placing your order at any eatery make sure not to place an order for a large number of dishes that might result in the wastage of food items. Make sure to consume the food items from each dish in full amounts as well while you have gone out to dine with your near and dear ones.

Store the food items properly can also solve food wastage problem

You will come across a label on each food item stating how it should be best stored. For instance, it will be a good idea to store cheese in the fridge so as to stay away from it getting spoiled and wasted eventually. Therefore, make sure to stick to the instructions for each foodstuff and store them appropriately as directed.

Don’t dispose of the leftovers

The majority of households end up throwing away the leftovers in the trash can. However, this is not desirable and instead, you should use these leftovers for preparing the food items the next day. For example, leftover chicken can be used for making soup the subsequent day.

Don’t dispose of the edible parts

At times we tend to throw away the edible parts of the food items that we must not. For instance, we often dispose of egg yolk, apple peels, and so forth. However, these edible components of the food items are extremely healthy as well as nutritious.

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