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iOS 14 latest version, new features for iPhone

iOS 14 was introduced by Apple in June 2020. However, this smartphone was released officially on 16 September. Many updates have been made by Apple in this particular version which we will mention in this article. So, let us not waste time and look at the new features for iPhone 14 right here.

Home screen design

An innovative design has been introduced by Apple for the home screen for providing more personalization. It will be possible for the users to conceal entire pages of applications. Furthermore, a new app library has been introduced by the company consisting of everything that has been installed. More than one new widget is placed on an innovative home screen design which one can edit for including more or getting rid of some of them.

App library is a new features for iPhone

One can access the app library by swiping at the end of the home screen page. This has organized every single app in a simple-to-navigate view. These apps happen to be user based depending on the activity of the user. Moreover, it categorizes the apps in a particular order like social, entertainment, and so on. It will also be possible to search with the help of the app library, and for this, we need to use the search bar at the library’s top. It is possible to download the apps from the App Store which you can find in the app library very easily.


It is a fact that Apple has also redesigned the widgets so that they appear more attractive and consist of more information. There are widgets for the default apps like Clock, Weather, Calendar, Stocks, Maps, Fitness, Tips, Photos, TV, Reminders, Music, and so forth. It is possible to position these widgets on the home screen so that one will be able to get information just by looking once. It is likewise feasible to modify the size of these widgets so that they can become small, large, or medium.

App Clip is a new features for iPhone

This happens to be a small portion of an application that is under 10 MB. This clip is related to a specific business or product and the company has designed it in such a manner that you can download it instantly whenever required. We expect the clips to load within a short span of time for accomplishing a particular task such as making payments for parking your vehicle, purchasing a coffee, and so on. This particular clip will appear like a card at the lower part of the display of the device. As a result, one cannot consider it to be a full app download.

It is possible to access the App Clips easily, and for this, we need to scan a new App Clip code that Apple has designed or via QR codes and NFC tags plus we can also share it in Safari or Messages. Here, we like to mention that these clips will disappear from your smartphone after a period of 30 days.


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