Karnataka Elections 2023

Karnataka Elections 2023

The Indian state of Karnataka has at last become ready for the mega battle of polls following a high-voltage campaign. At present, voting is underway for as many as 224 assembly constituencies in the state with more than 2,500 contenders in the fray. The election commission of India has reported that the majority mark for forming the government in the state is 113 seats. As many as 42,48,028 fresh voters have signed up for the assembly election. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the country, has called for a high turnout of voters in Karnataka. In the meantime, the Congress party requested the voters to vote sensibly.

Celebrities cast vote

Several celebs also cast their votes for the Karnataka elections. For example, there had been stars such as Rishab Shetty as well as Prakash Raj who snapped at the elections mentioned here.

Rishab Shetty of ‘Kantara’ fame arrived in his traditional dress for casting a vote. On the other end, after casting his vote, Prakash Raj stated that they have to vote against communal politics and they wanted the state to be beautiful. Ganesh, who happens to be a noted Kannada actor, cast his vote along with his wife at a polling booth situated in Bengaluru.

Villagers cause damage

Several villagers residing at Masabinala in Vijayapura district were responsible for stopping a poll duty car carrying EVMs, and they also manhandled an officer while damaging ballot and control units on Wednesday after which 23 individuals had been arrested, according to the Election Commission. The villagers also stopped the vehicle of a section officer which was carrying EVMs for the elections and damaged a couple of ballot and control units each along with three VVPATs, according to the Election Commission in a statement.

Similar to the Sena of Ramji that succeeded in winning the Lanka war for Lord Sri Ram, the Sena of Page Pramukhs and Booth Committee workers are winning the war for Modiji in all the booths, according to BL Santhosh, the BJP leader.

Here, we like to state that Dhruva Sarja, the renowned Kannada actor, also cast his vote today in Bengaluru. The senior citizens and first-time voters stole the limelight as one saw them taking part in the voting process with lots of interest on Wednesday in the assembly elections of Karnataka. Moreover, they were quite a few in number. The Election Commission officials asserted that approximately 11.71 lakh individuals were eligible for exercising their franchise for the initial time.

Kiccha Sudeep, the famous Kannada actor, said after casting his vote that problems are individuals and it is imperative for any person to keep their problems in mind and vote according to the situation. He has not arrived here as a celeb, he has arrived here as an Indian citizen and voting happens to be his responsibility.

While the BJP has asserted that their party is going to form the government in the state of Karnataka, Congress has mentioned that it is their party that is going to win in the long run.

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