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In Dubai, Global village is an annual event that offers everyone lots of entertainment, dining, shopping, and other activities. Last year, 25th October 2022 this 27th edition of global village Dubai was set for entertainment. And it is expected the next event will start in April 2023.  This is the yearly attraction in Dubai. Couples or people who want to spend some quality time with their loved ones can choose this destination. Here, you will find many cultures from the whole world and this is a multicultural destination.

National and international guests also come to join this destination. Here you will find a theme park and it is very popular.

  • Key attractions
  • Last year they did a fantastic six-story tall helium balloon that will give a bird’s eye, visitors were seen the entire global village. This balloon carries 20 people at a time. It created a new timeline in cities skyline.  The director of this Global village said on a news channel their main purpose is to create some attractive and fun activities which enjoy guests. This year, they also offer something more attractive and awesome.
  • The organization inaugurated 27 pavilions total which represented more than 80 cultures. Though there are many other countries, a special place named “Road of Asia” had been introduced to offer visitors a chance to experience the many beautifies of these places. Guests also found many kiosks for Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Bhutan, etc. Other confirmed pavilions represent Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Africa, Egypt, Africa, China, Pakistan, Yemen, India, and Russia.
  • Things to do in Global Village
    There are different types of activities where people can participate when they participate in Global Village events. You can watch here live concerts and shows. From different corner of the world, the best performer comes here for showing their talent! Enjoy their shows and cherish every moment! Here, you will find more than 20 thousand concerts and many dance performances by renowned artists. Enjoy many gaming zones like last year’s brand new Peter rabbit organized. This zone was made because they were inspired by Peter Rabbit and his adorable companions. Here you also find a fresh cafe area where you can take a coffee and enjoy the environment. 
  • Watch performance shows!
    If you are visiting this event with your partner or family, must watch performance shows. There are different types of performance shows available in the market and you may choose any type of show as per your need. Find the best type of performance as per your need. For people who love thrill for them, Global village Dubai is the best option. This year’s mega event will organize in April 2023 approx.

Anuradha G

Senior Content writer in KEIZO.

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