Krishna Abhishek Returned Back To TKSS

Krishna Abhishek Returned Back To TKSS

It is interesting to note that Krishna Abhishek has made a comeback to the Kapil Sharma Show. Moreover, Abhishek teased Rajiv Thakur and Archana Puran Singh that the old cast is also going to return.

It is a fact that comedian Krishna Abhishek has returned to the show finally after exiting the show for several months. Sony Entertainment Television has already posted a number of videos that shows that the comedian had been dressed up as Sapna, his character. On Wednesday, a particular video clip was shared which shows that Kapil Sharma, the host of the show, told Abhishek that he was extremely happy since Sapna has finally made a comeback.

It is the season for individuals to make a comeback

The comedian, running in the direction of Kapil, asserted that he wanted to thank Kapil. He also declared that this happens to be the season when individuals will make a comeback. He continued to say that Sidhu has likewise come. While doing this, he glanced at Archana. She said by widening her eyes that she was really surprised by his comment. Navjot Singh Sidhu, who had been the permanent guest on the show, got released from jail last month.

The comedian then looked at Rajiv Thakur who played the role of Raju, and asserted that gradually all individuals who had worked previously on the show are going to make a comeback. Earlier, Chandan Prabhakar made his exit from the show and he was replaced by Rajiv.

Rajiv answered that there is no reason to be happy that much because in case individuals who had been a part of the show previously do make a comeback, then Abhishek also has to exit. At this comment, the comedian appeared to be shocked while Kapil put his hand on the mouth and strolled around. In this case, Rajiv was actually providing hints at the exit of Sunil Grover. In fact, Abhishek became an integral part of the show after the exit of Sunil Grover.

Reactions of the fans

While making his reaction to this post, a fan wrote that it would be a good idea to bring Dr. Gulati too. One more person commented that it was actually the power of none other than Sunil Grover. Another comment read that the person had stopped watching the show due to the absence of Abhishek. It is a fact that the fresh episode is going to be aired at 9:30 PM this weekend on Sony Entertainment Television.

In one more video clip, we can see Abhishek dancing on the show. While staring at the camera, he asserted that he had extremely good news since he has already made a comeback. He also declared that his massage parlor is going to be open right now.

In one more clip, we can see the comedian making his entry into the show in the middle of cheers from the audience. He wrote on a particular clip on his Instagram that Sapna has returned. He also conveyed his thanks to all his fans out there.

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