List Of Countries That Play The Border – Gavaskar Trophy

List Of Countries That Play The Border - Gavaskar Trophy

Are you a big fan of the cricket match test series? If yes, then do you have any knowledge about the Border-Gavaskar Trophy? It is a highly popular cricket match series where there are two participant countries; India and Australia.

The match takes place through future tours that are conducted by the ICC (International Cricket Council). Recently in 2023, the match took place in February and India was successful in retaining the trophy.

As per recent news, Australia lost the match in the first consecutive two-test series of 2023. The series got its name after two distinguished former cricket captains:

Allan Border from Australia

Sunil Gavaskar from India

This particular cricket test series got its name from the contributions made by both these men and the cultures in the respective countries. The Border-Gavaskar Trophy is one of the highly popular test series that takes place every other year. This game has been popular since 1996.

What are the Venues where Border-Gavaskar Trophy Takes Place?

Presently, there are four different venues where the Border-Gavaskar Trophy of 2023 will take place. They are:

  • Nagpur
  • New Delhi
  • Ahmedabad
  • Dharamsala

Any one of these places is selected as the venue for the test match. Now, it is time to peep into the history of this cricket test match series.

How did the Border-Gavaskar Trophy Come into Existence?

Between 1947 and 1996, there had been almost more than fifty test match series between India and Australia. Finally, this illustrious competition received the name of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy by the end of 1996.

The name was given to celebrate the glorious achievements that have been made by the cricket legends, Gavaskar and Border. Between 1996 and 1997, the first BGT match took place between both these nations.

A single test took place in New Delhi under the supervision of Sachin Tendulkar. Fortunately, India was successful in winning the two-way series and bagging the trophy more than five times. Australia somehow managed to win only one test series in around 2004.

Where will the Final Test Series of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy Take Place?

The final test of the BGT in 2023 will take place in Ahmedabad at the Narendra Modi Stadium. The match commenced on 9th March 2023 and will conclude on 13th March 2023. This test series takes place between February and March every year. The Prime Ministers of India and Australia on Thursday lent a touch of cricket diplomacy to their ties as they inaugurated a test match between their two teams in the western city of Ahmedabad.

Every cricket fan eagerly waits for this match to enjoy the war and expects to come across the good news of winning the series. The Aussies wait for Australia to bag the trophy and the Indians wait for India.

Even if you are unable to visit the actual venue, the match gets telecasted on television. Thus, people sitting in any corner of the world will be able to come across the latest updates about the Border-Gavaskar Cricket Test Series.

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