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Mizoram Crowned Happiest State In India

Mizoram Crowned Happiest State In India

A recent study has declared that Mizoram happens to be the happiest state in the country right now. Rajesh K Pillania, who is a professor of strategy at Gurugram’s Management Development Institute, conducted this particular research and he shared a number of factors that helps to make Mizoram located in the North Eastern region of the country the happiest in India at present.

Mizoram has attained a literacy rate of 100%

According to a particular report, this state has already attained a literacy rate of hundred percent and provides facilities to its students to develop their abilities and skills even though the conditions might be challenging out there. This particular study also suggested that the happiness index of Mizoram depends on as many as six parameters consisting of family connections, philanthropy and social issues, work-related issues, the effect of Covid-19 on physical and mental health and happiness, and religion.

This report also declared that Mizoram happens to be the second state in India that has been able to achieve a literacy rate of 100%.

A student of the GMHS (Government Mizo High School) situated in Aizwal, Mizoram had to undergo personal difficulties and challenges because his father left his family when he was young in age. In spite of this, he has been able to remain optimistic and has also excelled in his studies. He has aspired to become a well-known chartered accountant or he also wants to appear for civil services examinations in case he does not succeed in becoming a chartered accountant.

What actually helps Mizoram to become so happy at present?

According to the report, any young person in the Mizo community tends to become financially independent at a young age and they do not consider any task to be small. Moreover, there is virtually no gender discrimination in this state at present.

•          Although Mizoram comes with a high prevalence of broken relations, the presence of innumerable peers in identical circumstances, working moms, as well as early financial autonomy has made the children not feel neglected.

•          A private school instructor in the state known as Khiangte asserted that both male and female genders have been provided training on how to generate revenues and there is no reason for a pair to go on living together in an unhealthy situation when nobody is dependent on the other.

•          The students in this particular state declared that their teachers are also the best friends of the students apart from being educators and they make every effort to make the students feel comfortable without any reason to become shy or scared.

•          The teachers in Mizoram come in touch with the students regularly and they also meet their parents for addressing any issues that the students might be facing. Moreover, the students also feel that it would be possible for them to speak with the instructors and parents regarding their issues.

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