Pav Bhaji – Best street food in India

A delicious and wholesome combination of vegetables, including potatoes, cauliflower, peas, carrots, and onions, are used to make bhaji. It is combined with bhaji masala, a slightly hotter version of chaat masala’s spice mixture.

This Mouthwatering Dish has a lot to say. Pav bhaji is a popular street food for good reason. It is a hot, spicy, flavorful bhaji garnished with crunchy onions and slivers of lime and paired with butter-dripping, just-off-the-tawa pavs. While Maharashtra can legitimately lay claim to being the dish’s birthplace, other regions of India have added their own flavours and modifications. Here are 5 various pav bhaji variations based on where in the nation you are.

Origin of PavBhaji

The food was created to meet the lunchtime needs of workers at a textile mill. They require food that is inexpensive, simple to prepare, light, and quick. They combined all the local vegetables and added some seasonings, and presto! You have the well-liked bhaji. Bhaji is the traditional term for a vegetable dish in India, but Pav, Pau, or Pao is the Portuguese word for bread (little rolls), which they brought during their brief stay in Mumbai (then Bombay), before giving it to the English as part of Catherine of Braganza’s dowry for Charles II’s marriage.

Which city pav bhaji is famous?


Served with a soft bread roll and a tomato-based vegetable sauce (bhaji), Pav Bhaji is a fast food item from Mumbai (Bombay), India (pav).

5 Best Pav Bhaji Places in Delhi

Rajendra Bombay Pav Bhaji

They serve Pav bhaji with lahsun chutney. Pavs are fried in Amul butter which enhances the taste. They also serve delicious salad with pav bhaji. Foodies should definitely visit the outlet.

New Arjun Bombay Pav Bhaji

The place is in Model Town.

They make a double-fried pav bhaji in the Bombay manner that may even be superior than the pav bhaji from Bombay. However, they do provide a variety of pav bhaji, including Jain pav bhaji, pav bhaji with additional chilli, and pav bhai without chilli. This makes it one of the greatest pav bhaji restaurants for that reason.

Kumar Pav Bhaji Corner

Krishna Nagar is where it is situated. They are unquestionably one of the top pav bhaji restaurants in Delhi, which is what today’s post is all about. Moreover, they are vada pao monarchs, so take advantage of them while you are there. They accompany the food with a lot of chutney and pyaaz.


It has several locations throughout Delhi. They are widely available, affordable, hygienic, and delectable. They are among the top restaurants for pav bhaji, and they are simply among the best restaurants.

Bobby Tikki Wala

Preet Vihar is where it is situated. Every day of the week, they serve buttery, delectable Pav Bhaji. Even if you are on a diet, you cannot resist eating their Pav Bhaji.

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