Sajid khan out of Bigg boss 16

It was quite surprising to the fans of Bigg boss 16 that Abdu Rozik, the talented singer from Tajikistan, exited the show voluntarily. On top of that, Sajid Khan, one more notable member likewise walked out of this mega show. According to reports, Khan stepped out due to his prior commitments to jobs related to films. At present, these 2 have united once again with the help of Farah Khan sharing photos of their good times.

Farah Khan shares photos

It is a fact that Farah Khan took Abdu and Sajid to her residence and provided them with fries and burgers. She also shared their photographs. In one photograph, the three individuals made a heart sign using their hands, and in the other Sajid and Abdu held their hands while posing for the cam.

It is a fact that Farah had been on Big boss that Salman Khan hosts as part of Family Week. As a matter of fact, this lady ended up celebrating her birthday with these 2 participants in her residence.

The rift between Sajid and Abdu

Although Abdu and Sajid stuck to one another from the very beginning, there was an issue with them during the birthday of Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Abdu Rozik wrote “I love Nimmi” on the back in an effort to wish her. However, Sajid Khan wrote “I love T**ti” tauntingly. The host of Bigg Boss 16, Salman Khan took the matter quite seriously along with the fans. This is due to the fact that Abdu was not aware of what had been written on the back.

Following his exit from Big boss, Abdu remarked that he no longer believed Sajid anymore. He said that it was not a good thing in real life since the entire world is seeing it. Abdu further added that Sajid didn’t inform him what he was going to write on the back of Abdu. Now, he is able to see what Sajid wrote on his back and he felt quite frustrated. He had faith in Sajid before, but now he doesn’t trust Sajid anymore. He has become sad since he thought Sajid was his best buddy. He was upset since the entire duniya has been able to see the remark.

There was plenty of criticism regarding the participation of Sajid, the filmmaker. Quite a few women also named this guy at the time of the #MeToo movement. Nevertheless, the FWICE provided him with support by asserting that he has faced a ban for 1 year already for all the misdeeds that he has done and he must get another opportunity to make a comeback. But, unfortunately, the reality show organizers did not listen to the comments on social media that several of the survivors had made for including Sajid.

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