Sania Mirza To Mentor Womens Premier League

Sania Mirza To Mentor Womens Premier League

It is a fact that the Women’s Premier League will take place in the near future in India featuring several strong teams that will be battling against each other. Here, we like to mention that everybody knows the name of Sania Mirza who has excelled in the department of tennis in the recent past. She has also been able to win several Grand Slam titles in her illustrious career that deserves special mention. Incidentally, the formidable Women’s Premier League team Royal Challengers Bangalore will enjoy the services of this tennis ace that has played her ultimate Grand Slam last month at the Australian Open. Interestingly, this tennis icon will join Royal Challengers Bangalore as a mentor.

Statements made by Sania Mirza about being the mentor

According to Sania Mirza, she has become more than happy to join the Royal Challengers Bangalore team in the form of a mentor. She declared in a particular statement only recently that there has been a huge shift in the Indian women’s cricket scenario these days, and she was really excited to become an integral part of this ground-breaking pitch. Sania likewise added that the brand philosophy of RCB resonates with her outlook as well as vision impeccably since this is exactly how she has approached her playing professional and the manner in which she is planning to contribute to different sporting events after her retirement.

Mirza has also declared that there is no doubt that Royal Challengers Bangalore happens to be a well-known team that has had a large fan base for quite some time in the past. She felt really elated to see this particular team establishing a strong side for competing in the premier league intended for women. According to this tennis icon, this will help to elevate women’s sports to new heights in India while opening lots of opportunities for female cricketers as well. In this way, many women will accept cricket to be the first choice for their profession in the long run.

Mirza retires from tennis

Incidentally, Mirza announced her retirement from tennis after participating in the Australian Open this year where she ended up being the second-best in the coveted mixed doubles event along with Rohan Bopanna, her partner.

Declarations made by Rajesh V Menon

Rajesh V Menon, the vice president and head of Royal Challengers Bangalore, declared that he was extremely happy to have Mirza as the RCB women’s team mentor. He also asserted that one should emulate this tennis star as the perfect role model who has depicted that hard work, determination, and passion will help any person overcome obstacles in his life and achieve success.

According to Menon, every member of the young generation should try to follow Mirza and derive motivation and encouragement from her as well. This will also help him to handle immense pressure in different circumstances when playing the game at the highest level.

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