Simple Methods for Cleansing Your Body after Overeating

Have you consumed too many sweets lately? A little too much alcohol at the family wedding? Do you feel bloated?

Below are the list of nutrients that can be consumed to improve your body organs and, if necessary, speed up their ability to recover from overeating.


Berries are a beneficial source of antioxidants, fibre, and are believed to minimize pollutants.

Green Tea

The liver works more quickly and produces more detoxifying enzymes when green tea, which is high in flavonoids, is consumed.


An ingredient in chilli peppers, is known to increase the activity of liver-cleansing enzymes.

Soy Products

Soy products including miso, tofu, and edamame, are diuretics, which increase the process of detoxification by increasing urine flow and assisting in the kidneys’ removal of pollutants.


Vegetables, particularly cruciferous ones like broccoli, cauliflower, and pak choi, aid liver cells in their recovery from toxic exposure.

Dandelion tea

A cup of nettle or dandelion tea works as a good diuretic and helps reduce bloat.

Few More Recommendations

  • After indulging, use additional relaxation methods like a sauna, deep breathing, and exercise. They promote increased perspiration, which helps the body rid itself of pollutants.
  • Taking a Bath with Epsom salts relaxes the muscles and promotes restful sleep, both of which are essential for your body’s healing process. Epsom salt has magnesium which also helps in Sweating out toxins from your body and is another benefit of using this salt.
  • An excellent tip is to eat by 7 o’clock. In order for the body to function at its best, this provides it plenty of time to digest food and rest.

Anuradha G

Senior Content writer in KEIZO.

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