Sudha Murthy An Inspiration In TKKS

Sudha Murthy An Inspiration In TKKS

It is a fact that we have all heard about the name Sudha Murthy. She happens to be the wife of one of the Infosys cofounders, named N.R. Narayana Murthy. Moreover, she is also an accomplished person in her own right. She has connections with Rishi Sunak, the British prime minister, as well as the corporate world at present. However, in spite of all her achievements, this lady is reputed for her sense of humor and humility which has made her quite popular.

In recent times, this lady mentioned in this article made an appearance on the Kapil Sharma Show, and there she shared a number of anecdotes consisting of the story of how Infosys, the IT giant, began its journey. The noted Bollywood actress named Raveena Tandon was with Sudha Murthy while the show was going on.

Recalling her first encounter with her husband

The makers of the show have already shared a promo that depicts that this lady is recalling her first encounter with her husband, Narayan Murthy, with whom she has had connections for many years. It is a matter of fact that she got introduced to her partner through a friend.

The author said that she had a friend known as Prasanna, who brought her a book every single day with the name Narayan Murthy written on the very first page together with the names of other different locations. She thought about whether this particular person named Narayan Murthy was an international bus conductor or not. When she went to meet him for the first time, she thought that he would resemble the hero of a movie, handsome and dashing; however, once he opened the door, she thought whether this person was a kid or not. These statements from the author made host Kapil Sharma, as well as guest Raveena Tandon, burst into laughter.

Individuals were entertained by the unforeseen side of the author where one particular user wrote that he will surely watch the episode. He believed that Sudha Murthy, who was his favorite, happens to be an inspiration for every single Indian citizen. One more user asserted that Sudha Murthy was actually a savage that was unknown to him and it is quite natural that her books are so witty. Another fan wrote that it was really awesome to watch this author.

Sudha Murthy admires Dilip Kumar

When the show was going on, Sudha Murthy informed us that she admired Dilip Kumar, the late veteran actor, and she also described him as simply outstanding. The author likewise mentioned that another movie star who was able to match the level of emotion, as well as the acting ability of Dilip Kumar, was the one and only Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood “badshah”. According to this author, it was only possible for Shah Rukh Khan to match the talents of Dilip Kumar, and in case the veteran actor was younger, he might have played an important role in the movie named Veer-Zaara.

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