The Importance of vitamin D on young children

Are you the proud parents of your newborn? Then this piece of writing will be helpful for you. Like other parents, you are also concerned about your newborn child, right? What is good and what is not? Each and every parent is conscious of nutrition. We all know how much importance of Vitamin D is for your kids. It’s important for bone and muscle growth. Vitamin D helps to absorb the calcium from food which is very important for a healthy body and, of course, for stronger bone.

We have only a few foods that do have Vitamin D naturally. So if you think that you can consume vitamin D through food, then you are wrong. So for your baby, you need to take the baby formula milk and some other different type of milk that has added vitamin D. Most people expose their kids to the sun just because most Vitamin D is made in the skin through sun ray. If you have bone and muscle density, the actual reason is low vitamin D.

Why do your kids need Vitamin D?

Many of us think that if our kids consume milk daily, they will get vitamin D from the milk, which is not true. Why do your kids require vitamin D? Because it supports your bone and muscle. The importance of vitamin D on young children will make sure that your kid’s body can absorb and retain phosphorous and calcium. These two will make the bone stronger, and it helps in preventing rickets. Rickets is a very common bone disease, which can be found mostly in kids. It will soften the bone and affect the growth of your children.

Also, the deficiency of Vitamin D can increase the risk factor of broken bones in older children and teenagers too.

Vitamin D also boosts your immunity system, and it is linked with mental health too. Researcher says that kids who have vitamin D deficiency usually get depressed quickly.

When does your child need Vitamin D?

Every child needs vitamin D just after birth. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that;

Infants who are less than 12 months need 400IU of vitamin D every day.

Babies who are older than 1 year, toddlers, or older kids need 400 IU of vitamin D every day.

Vitamin D supplement

Supplements of vitamin D are important because children do not get enough vitamin D through their diet. Every breastfed infant needs an adequate quantity of vitamin d. For babies who are taking formula milk for them also the amount of vitamin D will be the same. A Vitamin D supplement is needed. There are several vitamin supplements needed. Consult with your pediatrist before giving the supplement. 

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