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Tim Cook To Open First Apple Stores In India

Tim Cook To Open First Apple Stores In India

Tim Cook, who happens to be the Apple CEO, is paying a visit to India next week. As per a report from Bloomberg, he is coming to the subcontinent for opening the first retail outlets of Apple in this country which is likewise one of the most significant markets for the brand right now. Here, we like to mention that Apple India was responsible for launching its online store way back in the year 2020.

It is likely that Tim Cook is going to preside over the launching of a couple of outlets in the political and financial capital of this country as reported by individuals who are aware of this particular matter. On Tuesday, Apple declared that it is going to launch an outlet on 18th April in Mumbai as well as another one on 20th April in New Delhi.

This trip is coming after seven years of Cook’s first visit

This particular trip comes 7 years after the first visit of Cook In the year 2016 and it coincides with the most valuable company on the planet hitting vital markers: sales of iPhones in India reaching an all-time high as well as yearly iPhone exports from India getting to billions of dollars. Apple has been betting on this country to expand its assembly functions beyond China in the middle of tense relations between Beijing and Washington.

The Apple CEO is ready to open the first India outlet of the company in Bandra Kurla Complex of Mumbai. After a gap of several days, you will unlock the doors of the store in New Delhi located in a sophisticated mall in the Saket community. The barricades of that particular outlet lifted on Tuesday.

These couple of outlets have been in the making for quite some time as the stringent regulations of the country forbid international brands from launching own-brand stores unless and until they source a notable portion of the products within India.

Apple did not respond immediately to an email seeking comment on the visit of the Apple CEO.

Apple opened its Indian online outlet in the year 2020. This country happens to be the second-biggest smartphone market on the planet and also the most quickly growing; however, the comparatively high sticker costs of Apple are nevertheless a deterrent in the 1.4 billion nation where affordability matters a lot in decisions related to a purchase.

Apple is set to organize a meeting between Tim Cook and Narendra Modi

In between a couple of store launches, Apple wants to arrange a meeting for Tim Cook with Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. The new government is pushing for the manufacturing of electronics and has already provided a significant amount of money in incentives for attracting the manufacturing partners of Apple such as Foxconn Technology Group as well as Pegatron Corp.

Here, we like to mention that Cook has emphasized the significance of India as a production base and a market. During this conference, the Apple CEO asserted that the company set a quarterly revenue record plus developed extremely strong double digits every single year in India.

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