Top 10 Highway Dhabas In North India

Top 10 Highway Dhabas In North India

It is surely a good idea to go to your favorite destination while driving; however, the pleasure of your journey can be ruined in case you feel hungry. Here, we have mentioned some of the most well-known highway dhabas in North India that will simply drive you crazy.

1. Pahalwan Dhaba

While traveling to Chandigarh, you will feel the temptation for food while you are in Murthal. Pahalwan Dhaba is one of the oldest establishments right here that will provide you with paranthas along with tasty achaar and different stuffings. The most notable thing is that you will get fresh homemade butter with every meal.

2. Karnal Haveli

One can describe Karnal Haveli as a restaurant more than a dhaba which is one more reputed dhaba in the Murthal zone. Here, you will be able to enjoy some delectable Punjabi recipes. The washrooms are clean along with an amusement park right here that attracts many families as well.

3. Giani da dhaba

This highway dhaba is on the Kalka Shimla highway and it will take you 2 hours to reach here from Delhi on road. Tourists going to Shimla or Kasauli usually visit Giani da dhaba quite regularly. The main food items here are butter chicken as well as lemon chicken.

4. Bheemu Dhaba

The location of this dhaba is on the outskirts of Mandi. Although not very reputed, the locals nevertheless assemble here for satisfying their taste buds. The menu of this dhaba will satisfy every food buff for sure. They will provide you with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

5. The Cheetal Grand

In spite of being more of an eatery, the Cheetal Grand happens to be a dhaba since it is located on the highway. The owner of this dhaba, Mr. Rana thinks that the reason for the success of this dhaba happens to be a personal touch. The food is tasty and one can also eat outdoors if the weather permits.

6. Aabshar

You will come across an area that is packed with dhabas after passing through Solan and prior to taking a turn at Kandaghat on the highway. Among all these dhabas, Aabshar is the best one, thanks to the fresh food that is being served here along with chai.

7. The Lucky Dhaba

The location of this dhaba is close to Jalandhar on NH 1. In case you want to sample some tasty North Indian cuisine, then this dhaba will not disappoint you after all.

8. Zamindara Dhaba

While having food at the dhaba mentioned here, you will go back in time. The food here is primarily Punjabi in flavor and the dhaba will provide you with a feel of the Punjabi tradition. Kadi Chawal and Sandhu Daal happen to be two of the most delectable food items served here.

9. Dhaba Puran Singh

While you are at the Dhaba Puran Singh, you must get ready for pure Punjabi recipes. This dhaba is close to Ambala City on NH 1. Here, you must try Keema Kaleji, Kabab, Chicken Curry, as well as Mutton Curry without fail.

10. Sanjay Dhaba

This dhaba is on the Srinagar-Leh route at a distance of 50 km from Leh. In case you have become exhausted due to a long journey, then this dhaba will provide you with comfort and relaxation on the way. The freshly prepared gobhi ki sabzi and paranthas will make you feel comfortable and warm in the chilly weather.

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