Top 5 winter dishes in India

Winter has arrived and many states of India are experiencing and enjoying the winter cold breeze. But along with this chilling weather, it is also important to uplift your taste bud with some amazing winter dishes in India. As temperature decreases the metabolism rate also decreases during this time which leads to several health issues too. So it’s very important to have healthy food during this time of winter to keep you warm and help to keep you active throughout the day.

Special Sarson ka Saag and Makai ki

This is one of the most favourite food in India without which winter seems to be incomplete. Not only its top the list for its health count but also tastes awesome when it’s get associated with butter. It is made up of green sarson leaves and served with hot makki ki roti. Though this dish is famous in the part of Punjab now every corner of Indian keeps this as a part of their winter food list.

Winter dishes in India – Delicious thukpa 

Thukpa is something everyone has heard about at least once in a lifetime either from friends or family. It’s an Indo-Tibetan dish in a form of noodle soup. It’s a favourful broth with a mixture of different winter veggies and sautéed with prawns, mutton or chicken. Somewhere it’s spicy and in some places, only a hint of garam masala is given. No doubt it blends perfectly in the mouth and serves as a true appetizer bowl during winter.

The spicy Rogan- Josh is also a best winter dish in India

 It’s one of the signature dishes of Kashmir and Rogan Josh is definitely a dish you need to try this winter. This is an aromatic dish because of the usage of several spices and the key ingredient of this dish is lamb. It is a true winter dish as it keeps you warm from the inside and it’s mouth-watering whenever you have it. Serve it with paratha or steamed rice to get the best taste of it.

A mixture of Rajasthan and Kerala 

To get a simple yet tasteful dish this three-in-one treat which is famously known as Dal- baati-Churma is something a must-have during winter. It’s made up of spicy dal, sweet churma and crunchy deep-fried boti dipped in desi ghee. Baati is also sometimes served with gatte ki sabzi. Another dish which is worth mentioning is Beetroot Thoran, a delicacy from Kerala. Thoran is cooked with chillies and turmeric and stir-fried beetroot is added to complete the dish. To get the best taste of this dish it should be accompanied by rice.

Enlighten your sweet tooth

Winters definitely can’t be complete with sweet dishes. A staple winter ingredient- jaggery or nolen gur and Date Palm. It’s pure bliss for sweet lovers and generally, it is consumed in a small portion at the end of the meal. Also, sweets made of these ingredients, Rosomalai or Rabdi are something irresistible for every sweet-toothed people. Another sweet dish which is worth mentioning during winter is Gajar ka Halwa. It is specially made during this time due to the availability of carrots. The dish is loaded with ghee and sugar. Also, some dry fruits are added to enhance the taste of the dish. Serve it hot right after the meal will surely make you salivate.


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