What new parents know about taking care of newborn

There are lots of responsibilities for new parents, particularly when looking after their babies. You need to take care of everything like breastfeeding and washing plus bathing the infant and so on. Here are some important guidelines for new parents while taking care of newborn after delivery

Get to know the new baby

One of the most important babycare tips for newmom will be to know the new baby. How to take care of the umbilical cord of the baby? How much is he able to see? For what reason are their genitals inflated? There is no instruction manual for taking care of newborn babies, and you need to find answers to these questions, to begin with.

Take proper care of yourself

Try to refrain from the consumption of caffeine too many times a day. On the other hand, make sure to drink lots of water and consume a healthy and balanced diet while getting some fresh air as well. Make it a point to slumber when your baby is taking a nap and try to figure out a nighttime schedule with your hubby that will enable both of you to take care of the infant while getting enough rest. You will be able to maintain the energy needed for newborn care after delivery by developing some good habits.

Establish rules for visiting

It is natural for your friends and relatives to come to your house quite often for admiring the newborn. However, inform them regarding which days will be ok for them to visit and also for how much time they will be able to stay with the infant. Moreover, make sure that the visitors are washing their hands prior to holding the infant, and do not allow any sick person to come and visit the little one. Request some trusted visitors to look after the baby while you get some well-deserved rest.

Washing and bathing the infant

There is no need to bathe the infant during the first several days. Instead, make sure to wash his face, hands, neck, and bottom with great care. We call this topping and tailing. Apart from this, while taking care of newborn after delivery, make it a point that the room is comfortable and warm. You will require a container of warm water, cotton wool, a towel, a clean and new nappy, as well as tidy and clean clothes if required.

Welcome a helping hand

In case your near and dear ones as well as your buddies want to provide you with help, then accept it gleefully. Suggest to them how to hold the baby, how to fold the laundry, or perhaps run several errands – whatever will help you in the best possible way.


Let us hope that these guidelines will help you to handle the stress in your life effectively and you will be able to enjoy nurturing your baby in the long run.

Tanya CH

Tanya is a senior content writer in KEIZO.

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