What should you buy this Dhanteras based on your horoscope sign?

The thirteenth day of the Hindu month of Kartik is when the Hindu festival of Dhanteras is observed. Dhanatrayodashi and Dhanvantari Trayodashi are additional names for the celebration. On this day, legend has it, the god Dhanvantari emerged from the ocean of milk carrying the medical science of Ayurveda.

Dhanteras is regarded as a lucky day to purchase gold and silver. People also worship the goddess Lakshmi, the patroness of riches, on this day. We will commemorate this on October 22nd, 2022.


For people born under this sign, purchasing diamond jewellery, gold coins, silver, and kitchenware during Dhanteras is advised. A big investment in these can also be advantageous from a wealth perspective.


For the Taurus, gold, silver, and bronze are great investing choices. Additionally, utensils can be bought. Investing in these is fortunate because it will make their life more prosperous.


Dhanteras will be a happy moment for Gemini. In addition to gold, silver, and other materials made of gold, silver, and silver, as well as bargains on land, houses, and furnishings, pakhraj is generally the greatest material to purchase for them.


Cancerians may choose to buy things for their loved ones rather than for themselves. Give a youngster something they can use, not something they can keep for themselves, when you are giving them something.


They can make investments in real estate, timber, homes, silver, gold, and bronze to make money. Leos can purchase household goods, technology, and vehicles. Avoiding cement and iron products is advised for those born under the sign of Leo.


Those born under this zodiac sign can buy real estate, electronic devices, and electronic goods. Additionally, it is advised that these people refrain from purchasing gold, silver, or diamonds as well as from donning white clothing underneath new clothing.


Liberians would be advised to hold off on major investments or buying gold or diamonds for a while given the current state of the economy. If a family member needs to purchase some of the necessary materials, they need to maintain their belief and trend regardless of what happens.


A Scorpio shouldn’t ignore the auspiciousness of purchasing gold, silver, clothing, or pottery items. The only precaution people need to exercise is to refrain from buying branded goods or investing in securities with high financial value.


People born under these signs can benefit from this event and even invest in real estate, precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones.


Purchasing anything could be advantageous for a Capricorn. They have the option of investing in metals, kitchenware, and real estate. Gold and apparel must be purchased first because they will be of utmost importance to them at this time. Even their ancestors’ or family’s goods may turn out to be quite useful.


Aquarius people should invest right away because now is a fortunate moment to do so. However, it is necessary to prevent any shares or fixed assets from being threaded. The best investments are probably going to be in the things you enjoy, like your favourite books, cars, electronics, furnishings, and beautiful homes.


Pisceans could need to buy or invest in gold, silver, precious metals, and stones. Those born under this sign should be able to purchase anything they want, with the exception of stock investments and locking in any stock market deals.

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