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What’s in my makeup bag?

I happen to be a woman who likes to showcase her sense of style now and then when I venture out of my residence. I do make every endeavor to make myself appear best in front of everybody. That helps to increase my confidence level and I find myself to be more presentable in front of everybody. I usually carry a makeup bag with me wherever I go. Let me reveal what I usually carry in the makeup bag that I have kept secret for quite some time.


This is something that I always carry along with me. I have different types of liners, ranging from pencil to liquid, and virtually everything in between. Sometimes I want to get dressed up like a celebrity and for that, I use one particular eyeliner that I purchased from a reputed brand. At times, I also go for liquid liners or even pencil liners whichever I feel like. My preferred shade is obviously black since it is the most versatile color according to me. However, sometimes I also go for a lime green or navy blue.

Lip Balm

It is my fascination to keep my lips moist whenever I go out. My lips are basically dry and Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm usually suits me a lot. It provides my lips with a rosy and mild color. Moreover, the good thing is that it lasts throughout the day and there is no need for me to apply it again and again unlike conventional chapsticks and lip glosses. This particular item is very helpful to me during the summer days.


One thing I always take in my bag is Mascara. It helps to pop my eyes by providing my lashes with high-defining volume. I have a preference for one particular brand known as Dior Diorshow which comes in black. It provides my lashes with a fantastic curl and it is waterproof as well. Therefore, I can easily use it all through the day without any problem whatsoever. Sometimes I prefer going for an inexpensive version – Maybeline Colossal Volume Express – that is quite useful as well.

Tinted moisturizer

This particular item that I carry in my makeup bag always provides me with appropriate coverage and removes shine as well. I find this quite helpful to use in humid conditions when there is lots of moisture in the air. I always make it a point to safeguard my skin with the help of a tinted moisturizer having an SPF of 15+.


Besides all these items that I have mentioned in this list, I also carry other items such as lipstick, powder, blush, and so forth. These beauty products have helped me a lot in making me look appealing in front of all those I come across.


Priyanka is a content writer who works for KEIZO Solutions and writes on a variety of topics. Her writing mostly focuses on informing readers, serving as a trip guide, teaching others, and raising awareness of technology.

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