Winner of Big boss 16 – MC Stan

Winner of Big boss 16 - MC Stan

In this article, we will mention some information regarding the winner of Big boss 16 – MC Stan. It is a fact that Bigg Boss 16 has come to a conclusion after a span of 4 months that saw some significant controversies and fights. It was none other than the rapper MS Stan who bagged the coveted trophy of the winner and he received some astounding prizes comprising a brand-new vehicle as well as Rs 31,80,000.

Inspiration from Salman Khan

This is an amazing fit that the rapper has achieved among some distractions in his personal life that truly deserves mention. He had no intentions of staying in the house in the initial stages since he was of the notion that he failed to adjust with the other contestants. But it was Salman Khan who inspired him to continue playing the game in a rejuvenated manner.

Some astounding qualities

MC Stan didn’t make any modifications to his lifestyle while playing Bigg Boss from start to finish. Thus we can rightly assert that the rapper stayed true to himself despite lots of controversies and arguments. One notable quality of this young genius is to express himself in a candid manner, unlike the other contestants out there. He didn’t care about the situation around him and didn’t feel scared to express his feelings. He even went against Shiv and Sajid since he thought that they were modifying the game. He likewise argued with Shalin very fiercely since the situation demanded so.

The girlfriend of the rapper, Anam Sheikh, confronted him during a telephone conversation for praising Priyanka. However, the rapper made every effort to provide consolation to his fiancée and Salman Khan reminded him that he cannot come home without being the winner since Anam wanted him to achieve that feat. All 5 contestants performed on the night of the finale and it was indeed an extremely intriguing and lively affair. On top of this, the famous Bollywood stars Ameesha Patel and Sunny Deol were present when the final was going on.

The elite guests

The final ceremony commenced at 7 pm and  Bharti Singh and Krushna Abhishek hosted the final after making their appearance at the show. Salman Khan took responsibility after a while and he also welcomed the stars. Apart from Ameesha Patel and Sunny Deol, the other notable invitees were Karan Kundrra along with Reem Sheikh, his co-star for the forthcoming television show “Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal”. Apart from this, previous contestants of Bigg Boss, Ankita Gupta as well as Gautam Vig Singh likewise made their appearances on the scene.

The show comes to an end

The show came to an end with the declaration of the winner’s name, and the first runner-up was Shiv Thakare while the second runner-up trophy went to Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. The fans of the rapper sent congratulatory messages to Stan immediately after he became the eventual winner.  

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